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The X-Files Of Cannabis

The bad image and the unwillingness of researching Cannabis makes it hard to find information sometimes. Over the years we have looked for articles, documents, reports and laws. We have received stories and Medical reports from other Self-Hemployed people and done interviews. Because we are putting all this stuff online right now! Check the new 'Documents' section for a variety of files that you just might find interesting. To make it a little bit user-friendly for you, we have made some categories. Hemp, Cannabis, Medicinal, Hashish and Other. Enjoy reading!

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The Current SH.. Projects

Take a peek at some of the current Self-Hemployed projects. Since the beginning of the SH.. days we have tried to cover all angles of the industry and were never shy to try new ideas. It has been a pleasure to work with the people we have teamed up with over the years. Our man John Sinclair, Wolke Wietje, Soma, the Sensi Fam., Decon Media, Ludacris, Aceyalone, High Times and many more. Some of the things we have done in the past you can find in chronological order in 'About Us'. Or just go there now >>. But of course, don't forget to check out our current and upcoming projects!

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How To Roll A Blunt

This Is How You Roll A Blunt!

Always wondered "How do they do it?". Or always wanted to be able to do it and need to practice your blunt-rolling skills? We have two blunt masters at work right here!

How To Roll A Blunt

Hell Yeah! Girls Roll Blunts Too!

What's cooler than rolling a blunt? Your girl rolling one!

How Girls Roll Blunts

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